Family Funeral Director in Walthamstow

Family Funeral Director in Walthamstow

Independent, family-owned and managed funeral director, proudly serving the communities of Walthamstow and beyond.

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Mears Of Walthamstow is an independent, family-owned and run funeral directors in Walthamstow offering cremation and burial services, monumental masonry and international repatriation. We pride ourselves on our high quality service at prices that the corporate chains are unable, or unwilling, to offer.

We know how important the funeral is to you, family members and friends – that is why we strive to make the service both meaningful and memorable.

Our experienced and knowledgeable staff will be with you every step of the way, from arranging the funeral, through to the event itself and the days and months afterwards. They will offer guidance and advice, helping you make informed decisions on the services that are available. If your loved one left specific requirements in a will or pre-paid funeral plan, then we will work with you to respect their wishes and honour their memory.

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'I'm immensely grateful to Mears for the fantastic service they have provided at this very difficult moment for us. Everyone were respectful, patient, sensitive and considerate...'

'...Everyone were respectful, patient, sensitive and considerate throughout the whole time and not once did they make us feel troubled or worried, or feel like we're dealing with a business...'
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